VoIP vs Landline: which is better for my business?

February 4, 2021

In 2021, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now the preferred method of communication used by companies worldwide. The industry has experienced steady growth year on year and is projected to be worth more than $93.2 bn by 2024.

Game-changing advances in technology are one of the main reasons for this – with 5G, AI and Unified Communications (to name a few) pushing the capabilities of VoIP.

It’s the perfect solution for any sized business whose core capabilities require regular communication via phone. Whether you’re an enterprise with offices located worldwide, a national call centre chain, an emergency service or a fast-acting sales team – VoIP gives employees the ability to communicate through one shared, easy-to-navigate online system with a shared contact database.

So how does VoIP compare to a regular landline? From cheaper costs to advanced abilities – here are our favourite benefits to modern VoIP systems:

VoIP is cheaper

If you’re a business with hundreds of employees making daily calls to clients, the cost of separate landlines can quickly add up. Even with one of the cheapest line rental costs of around £20 a month – you could be looking at a monthly bill of thousands, and that’s before any of the many hidden landline fees.

What about your employees working from home that require a landline, as well as in the office? And think about international calls – how many hidden costs will you incur from all those calls to your overseas contacts?

VoIP eliminates these worries with one simple monthly fee for a single, shared, digital communication solution suiting your businesses exact needs. Even better, it allows SME’s to compete with enterprises at a fraction of the cost.

Many businesses are looking for ways to cut their costs in 2021, and updating your digital infrastructure is a convenient and easy way to do so. Enquire with SWIC here to see how we can help stretch your budget.

Quick & easy to install

The implementation of a VoIP system is nowhere near as disruptive as a traditional landline – which can be invasive, timely and expensive.

Even if you consider yourself a technophobe – VoIP software makes databases and communication processes easy and much faster to set up than traditional landlines. Expect no downtime and disruption to your day-to-day activities with the installation of a VoIP system.

Read more about our dedication to keeping companies connected – come what may – here.


An online phone system allows an increase in mobility of the workforce. Recent research by Finder shows that around 60% of people in the U.K. are currently working from home – of course, largely due to the COVID-19 outbreak which has proven how important flexibility is to an organisations strategy.

Be prepared for changes in your team’s structure and the way your employees work. Give the the ability to control their schedule, stay safe during the pandemic whilst staying crystal-clear connected with VoIP.

Be ready for your business’ future

One our favourite benefits of VoIP is its scalability. There is no way of knowing exactly how large your team will grow in the future – or how many phone lines you’ll need. VoIP provides a versatile, scalable and easy-to-manage alternative to landlines.

No further hidden costs are required to add, manage or remove users to your VoIP system – it’s yours to control. Using an internet connection to host your communications makes this easy, allowing for an unlimited amount of lines and always suiting your most up-to-date team needs as your business grows.

Advanced capabilities

Additional benefits to VoIP include:

  • Call recording
  • Easy call forwarding
  • Shared database of contacts
  • Manageable queues
  • Softphones

… and these are just to name a few. You can can read more and contact us about our VoIP solutions here.

If you’d like to find out more, our dedicated customer service team are always standing by ready to discuss your VoIP, connection, cloud and communication needs – contact us or read more about our range of products and services.

SWIC – we go the extra mile to keep you connected.

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