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91% of the UK workforce have relocated to a home office.

We understand there is a direct relationship between efficiency and home working internet access. To get a significant edge on competitors, it’s imperative to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with home working internet access solutions that ensure productivity stays at optimum level.

As it looks like Home Working is here to stay, it’s important to enable a seamless transition from Office to Home and vice versa.

Business’ that understand agility is a key driver to success will reap the benefits of a happy and productive remote workforce.

Some of the challenges facing home workers

Slow or unreliable broadband at home is costing employers a significant amount of money in wasted time and reduced productivity
Limited bandwidth and the rise of services such as Microsoft365, Zoom, Netflix and the fact we have more connected devices than ever in the home means workers are constantly battling for a reliable connection.
Your broadband goes down and you’re expected to log a fault on a website, how is that going to work.
Working remotely is just a little more difficult, online collaboration tools and Video calling are great but need a dedicated internet line to work effectively.

How we can help

Whether you need a permanent or temporary home working internet access solution, we can help you.

Speeds of up to 100mbps are typical and means workers no longer have to compete with online learners, gamers or box set bingers just to have a Zoom or Teams meeting.
Our award winning internet connectivity coupled with our hosted voice solutions, cloud services and mobile telephony mean you can be part of the team no matter where you are located.

We pride ourselves on providing secure and reliable home working internet access using both wired and wireless technologies.

Crush your competition through connectivity

The chaos of the pandemic has forced companies to adapt to the new working environment.

Business has found new ways for an effortless and seamless way of connectivity as these are crucial to thriving in the current climate.

SWIC is able to help you adapt, as prosperity is what we aim for your business in this hybrid working environment.

And although larger suppliers may believe that some customers are impossible to do business with, we go that extra mile ensuring solutions for everyone.

Embrace our next-generation products and get past those slow connections that have been holding your business’s potential.

Businesses still lack knowledge about the Cloud – despite being a new technology that is rapidly evolving, the valuable education that’s needed is not easily accessible for everyone.

The reality is that companies should now get ahead of their competition, as by 2025 BT has announced that the ISDN and PSTN services will switch off, starting the era of the Cloud.

Xelion is a Cloud voice platform that integrates with Microsoft and most CRM platforms, with a unique game-changing feature that licenses by the user and not by the device, giving you a seamless connection.

Investing in these new technologies is important – as outdated telecoms and internet connectivity is costing companies almost £20,000 per worker every year.

It has never been more important to communicate and collaborate effectively and Xelion comes to show you that communications have never been so easy.

What one of our customers has to say…

When we entered the first lockdown I was literally pulling my hair out trying to work from home. Where I live we can only get standard broadband so with everyone at home it just ground to a halt and I was literally having to work on my mobile phone. I spoke to SWIC and within 2 days they had installed a 4G router in my home office along with a VoIP phone, it was amazing. Thanks SWIC for providing me with home working internet access.

Sean Ryan, Director, PAN Sports Ltd


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