How telecoms systems can maximise your commercial growth

March 18, 2022

Your telecommunication systems enable information to be transmitted in a digital form between various sites by optical signals. This information may consist of audio, video data or some other type of data and based either on wired or wireless infrastructures. 

These technologies streamline collaboration and remote work while improving your efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

And in today’s digital era, telecom services have never been so valuable for a business’s success and continuity.

Telecommunications is no longer restricted to just a phone or fax, as now the industry can deliver high-speed internet and video streaming while also emerging technologies, such as 5G and The Cloud – showing us that telecom services are really at the centre of our everyday lives.

So why is this important for your business?

Improving your communication in the workplace

Telecommunications can improve the overall interaction between the employees and departments within your business. 

Mobile phones, video calls and other services can allow you and your team to brainstorm ideas, share data and research, and collectively work together on project planning no matter where you are in the world. 

However, without these telecommunications services you could put your business at risk as your team won’t be able to communicate as effectively.

Increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Telecoms and remote working go hand in hand – providing your team with access to collaboration software, file sharing tools and services results in high job satisfaction and productivity. 

Communication is only effective when the receiver understands the message conveyed, and a recent study showed that effective communication can increase your organisation’s productivity by 25%, meaning that having the right communication in your office can’t be overemphasised.

Another study showed us that employees’ job satisfaction increased, with fewer task conflicts and less stress while working from home. 

Virtual meetings, videoconferencing and other telecom solutions allowed them to do business as usual, while also having work-life balance, shorter meetings, and more time for the tasks at hand, which overall improved their satisfaction.  

Reaching your right audience

Telecoms within organisations can do much more than just increasing productivity. 

Telecom services can also help your business to reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time. 

A study found that 31% of people prefer to receive text messages rather than visit a company’s website, so as a business owner you will be able to leverage telecom services to engage, entertain and inform your audience, while also increasing brand awareness.

How can SWIC help?

We like to take time to listen to your specific scenarios. We offer a tailored solution for you and your business so that you can communicate effectively to all of your stakeholders at any given time.

Click here to find out more about SWIC and see how we can help your company.

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